The range of fitness exercises

Find the perfect way to have a beautiful slender figure and, at the same time, eat your favorite delicacies, perhaps, wants every representative of the fairer sex. Partly this dream feasible, and it is implemented by different complexes of exercises for women with many fields. From dance to strength. And most importantly, most of them can perform even at home.

The Main advantages of homework include the ability to graph in its sole discretion and at a significant savings of time and money. The only thing you have to spend on inventory. And this time, again, depends on personal desire. You can run without the weights or balls, even if the result would require little more than a long wait. In addition, the house is easier to monitor their own condition and depending on it to vary the load, increase or decrease the number of repetitions and approaches.

The Main disadvantage of the training out of a gym – the lack of control fitness instructor. Besides him no one will control technique of performing exercises, but because there is a risk of not only loading the wrong muscles, but also to unpleasant consequences as a result. And yet, there are sets of fitness exercises which can be executed even without coaching supervision. They are very light in terms of technology, but because no harm. What fitness exercises for women can be included in home workout – versed below.

Basic complex of exercises for women

The First thing before the execution of fitness exercises, you must warm up. This will avoid possible injuries and other negative consequences that occur when working with cold muscles. To warm up ideal running in place and jumping rope until a light sweat. In addition, not be amiss to hold a series of rotational and tilt action with all joints from neck to feet.

The range of fitness exercises for women the schematic should look like the following:

  • Work with upper body – shoulders, chest, neck, arms. The basis here are pushups from the wall and the floor. Width of setting the hands causes the muscles, which will account for the maximum load. In addition, include exercises that simulate overwhelming and actions of a swimmer, stretching of the hands and shoulder joints, hoists, information and breeding of hand weights.

Every fitness exercise in this group is repeated twenty times. A number of approaches from one to three breaks of half a minute or less.

  • Working with the back. Tilts forward, backward and sideways. The deflection in the spine, torso twists at a static bottom part. “Boat” and “ring” of gymnastics, bridges and similar exercises. Each element has from one to three eights at a slow pace.
  • Working with the abdominal muscles. Here the palm hold twisting – both direct and inverse, as well as “Bicycle”, “scissors” and “pendulum”. Every fitness exercise is repeated twenty or thirty times in a moderate pace for two to four approach. It is important not to feel pressure on the spine, especially lower back and neck. And not to make any sudden movements – in particular, not to leave his feet or upper body on the floor, going down.
  • using the hips, buttocks and legs. The basis of this block – squats and lunges. They occur at different depths, but all should be monitored posture – the spine does not bend and the position of the knees. Corner they should not become sharp, and the knees do not go beyond the toes. In addition, the load in any case is not transferred to the knees, remaining in the hips and buttocks.

the Final point in the complex fitness exercises with three minutes of jumping, as in the beginning, and then conducted a five-minute stretching with normalization of breathing.

Complex fitness exercises with ball for beginners

a large Selection of ball depends on the height of someone who will use it. Usually all the recommendations written on the packaging, or you can ask questions to the consultant in a sports shop. If neither is available, it is necessary to remember the following: from your height in cm should subtract 105. This will be the recommended diameter of the ball. So for the growth of 160 cm suitable ball diameter 55 cm, the growth from 160 to 180 – 65 cm, and for 180 and above – 75 cm

a Basic exercise ball for fitness is the most simple attempt to keep it balance. Yes, by sitting with the buttocks on the fitball, resting his feet on the floor and maintaining a flat posture, you have to use almost all muscle groups. And this is the load.

Now in the same position is to put your hands behind your head and slowly turn upper part of the housing in one direction and then the other until it stops. After – to make a series of bending forward and to the side, still holding the balance in a sitting position on the ball.

Lie on the fitball so that it was lower back and the thoracolumbar part of the spine. His hands lay behind his head, legs bent at the knees at a right angle and rest your feet on the floor. Slowly raise each foot in turn, not straightening it at the knee, pulling it to his chest. And at the same time, rounded back to tear the thoracolumbar division from the ball. The elbows together. Slowly sink back.

the Following exercise ball for fitness is performed in the position lying on his stomach. Ball under chest, palms resting on the floor. Slowly begin to walk the hands forward, moving the ball to end up on the outside of the foot. Slowly return to the starting position.

For the latest fitness exercise have to go back on the floor, legs bent at the knees and calves to put on the ball. Hands behind head, elbows bent in different directions. Slow off the floor of the blade, reducing the center and pulling the pelvis to the lower bones of the ribs, making twisting. Press to keep the tension. Slowly sink back, sinking in a millimeter from the floor.

At the end of the complex exercises it is advisable to spend five minutes stretching with deep inhales and exhales.

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