Tomato diet

What are the only foods or taken as a basis mono-diet and diets with a limited set of ingredients: rice, yogurt, cucumber, buckwheat. This is not an exhaustive list, and it can recharge and tomatoes. This vegetable nightshade family is great for weight loss due to its low calorie, high percentage of water in the composition, satiety and lightness. And also thanks to impressive chemical composition, and the ability to normalize the metabolism and function of the digestive system. Moreover, tomatoes well kill hunger, as they regulate the level of ghrelin is responsible for appetite.

Tomato monodiet

The simplest tomato diet – a fasting day on tomatoes. It is most useful for health, has less total contraindications and carries all other easier options diet. During the day you need to eat about 1.2-1.5 kg of fresh tomatoes, dividing that amount by 5-6 meals.

But here is just to say that the product is desirable to take as much as possible the natural, with no nitrates and other chemicals. Best option – conduct discharge day in summer when the tomatoes ripen in the greenhouse. According to the reviews of this type of tomato diet, one day you can lose up to 1 kg. A similar scheme can be repeated no more than two days time.

Also, during the day you should drink up to 2 liters of pure water. Approved Herbal weak tea without sugar. And of course the next two days should be spent on the output of mono-diet, gradually including the menu at first the other vegetables and fruit, then cereals and meat. All food should be steamed or decoction, and have as much as possible soft consistency.

Short-term diet for tomato juice

The most popular among all the tomato diet diets are variations on the tomato juice. They can take the time like three days, and seven, and involve the use of one or two additional products, and even more. Permitted use the shopping bags tomato juice, but certainly the most preferred fresh, self-catering option. Or purchased in a pharmacy. This minimum number of product additives.

So, the first tomato diet based on the use of juice, soft enough. During the day, you should drink a liter of juice, and it does not matter: in the two approaches, or eight. In addition, there must be at least another three to four meals a day, with the products listed below.

  • The first day. Eat 150-200 g of boiled potatoes in their skins, have a drink up to 300 ml of coffee or tea without additives.
  • The second day. Consume 0.5 kg of nonfat cottage cheese, drink 300 ml of coffee or tea without additives.
  • The third day. Eat about 1 kg of plant foods – fruits and vegetables. Not allowed potatoes and bananas, grapes and persimmons. Again, drink 300 ml of coffee or tea without additives.
  • The fourth day. Prepare 0.5 kg of white chicken meat. It can be like a boil, and steamed or baked in foil, seasoned with lemon juice. Drink 200 ml of coffee or tea without additives.
  • The fifth day. Shelf 700 g of any dried fruit, but do not take raisins, figs and dried banana. Can a handful of nuts. Drink again with 200 ml of coffee or tea without additives.
  • The sixth day. The same as the second – cottage cheese, tea or coffee.
  • The seventh day. Allowed 0.5 kg lean boiled or steamed fish, 300 ml of coffee or tea without additives.

According to the reviews on this type of tomato diet for a week will be able to lose about 5-7 kg. Most figure is typical for people who are overweight because they have a lot of liquid, leaving in the first place. The main advantage of this scheme is weight loss, it helps to start the metabolism, increasing its speed. And it becomes a guarantor of the results. But, again, only in case of further following the rules of healthy eating.

Diets to tomato juice and rice

Pretty interesting option may be called different diets with tomato juice and rice, which also exist in several variations. The three-day technique allows to settle the stomach and intestines, cleaned of toxins. And lose 2-3 kg. The two-week provides more meaningful results, but it is much milder. And may still have contraindications. And so it should be discussed with your doctor. Although, in general, according to reviews of the diet in the tomato juice and rice of the type produced by nutritionists and people sitting on it, it is quite balanced and safe.

So, the technique offers a three-day every day to eat boiled rice, washed down with tomato juice, smashing the entire volume of food on five receptions. Figure qualifies as 250 grams of cereals to 1 liter of water. A juice requires 1 liter. Cook porridge should be without salt and sugar. Furthermore, you should drink per day to 1.5 liters of water. Such a circuit may be used as a transition to more complex diet or unloading of the digestive tract.

The two-week system offers a much more rich and varied menu. It does not allow to experience hunger, as well as good balanced in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. So, without prejudice to health.

The basic rule is to avoid frying in oil consumption of bakery products, pasta of all kinds, as well as confectionary products, smoked and pickled foods. By and large, there is also a proper diet, but with a somewhat more restrictive. And with the optional use of tomato juice and rice every day.

  • For a breakfast to take 100 grams of fat-free cottage cheese with spinach, glass of tomato juice.
  • By lunchtime – unsweetened apple.
  • Meals portion of boiled rice (100g) and a piece of steamed fish (100 g) with a glass of tomato juice.
  • On the afternoon tea – orange.
  • For dinner, boiled vegetables (200 g), rice (50 g) and a glass of tomato juice.

Among the fruits and vegetables you can not take the potatoes, bananas, persimmons, pears, sweet apples. Grains of rice in addition is also better not to use. Exception – buckwheat.

Be sure to use 1.5 liters of clean drinking water, as well as herbal green tea or weak coffee. All products are boiled, baked without oil or steam thoroughly.

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