Water diet plan

Water diet plan is simple and inexpensive, but at the same time effective and has many advantages. It not only promotes weight loss, but also because it can get rid of headaches, normalize intestinal function and improve skin condition.

The main rule of water only diet – to drink clean water! The human body is 80% water, so water diet only serve beauty and health. She will lead slag, accelerate metabolism, which depends on the weight loss, and for a while will give a feeling of satiety.

To avoid overeating, it is useful to drink water half an hour before meals. And if you drink a glass of water two hours after a meal, you can replace the usual high-calorie snack. Too often we take thirst signal that our body sends us, with the hunger signal. Due to the water diet, we may learn to recognize these signals correctly.

The duration of the water diet

Lasts water diet for two to three weeks, followed by a break in the three or four weeks, during which should drink water in the same amount as before the start of the diet (in this case, if before you drank diet too little water, the number of reception of water during a break can be increased to make it feel more comfortable).

Water only diet involves a significant increase of water consumed depending on the weight of your body.

Calculate the required amount of water can be drunk in two ways:

  1. Divide your weight by twenty. Accordingly, if you weigh 80 kilograms on the day you will need to drink four liters of water.
  2. Multiply your weight by 40, you end up with the required amount of water drunk in milliliters. Accordingly, the same weight will need to drink 3.2 liters of water a day.

It is best to follow the second option, because too much water is not very useful.

How to drink water at the water diet to lose weight?

The basic rules of the water diet plan:

  • Water should be at room temperature;
  • Should drink only non-carbonated pure water, not any other drinks or juices! If too unusual to drink plain water, you can add to taste it honey or lemon juice;
  • It is advisable to use well water in your area, sometimes – non-carbonated mineral water.

Menu water weight loss diet

When a water diet to lose weight to start and finish each day must be a glass of still pure water. This is useful even if you do not pursue weight loss, because this way you can improve your health. To lose weight, you should drink per day is the amount of water as you have calculated according to the above formulas.
It is advisable to water during a weight loss diet to reduce or eliminate alcohol, tea, soft drinks and coffee. Every familiar to you a portion of such beverages must be replaced by an additional glass of clean water.

Also be sure to control the fat intake, flour and sweet food.

In addition to these rules should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • It is better to start a diet during the summer, when the body needs water more than ever. In the summer, the body will quickly withdraw water and use it in large quantities will not load the bodies;
  • Drinking water should be only half an hour before a meal or after a half hour or after meals, or will slow down the digestive process, leading to the accumulation of fat;
  • Once wanted to eat – drink water! You can eat if hunger does not go in half an hour;
  • Drinking water should be small sips and slowly;
  • Increase the amount of consumed water gradually to the right with your weight;
  • Do not drink again for more than two glasses of water, as this can stretch the stomach and hunger will only get stronger;
  • When used in large volumes of water a day (more than three liters per day) to take mineral and vitamin complexes that make up the shortage washed salts and organic matter. Especially it should be done, if you drink purified water using a filter, as this water is usually poor in minerals.

Significantly enhance the effect of a water diet for weight loss, you can use fitness facilities. If for some reason you can not do fitness, it is recommended though, to do morning exercises.


It is advisable before you start to stick to a diet of water, consult a doctor. Diet can not abide people who have diseases of the urinary tract or kidney disease, hypertension (large amounts of water can cause swelling or high blood pressure). Also, water is not recommended for weight loss diet for pregnant and lactating women.

Reviews of the water diet plan

According to many reviews, the water diet plan is very simple, efficient and cheap. It contributes to the improvement of not only the shape and the body, and skin. Increases elasticity, skin dryness disappear and swelling, as it is known that the edema occur when the body lacks water and it starts it hard to accumulate. Also, according to reviews, the water only diet helps to develop a useful habit to drink water on a regular basis.

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