Watermelon diet

Watermelon diet is considered by right one of the most “delicious” currently existing methods for weight loss. Furthermore, diet is one of the easiest. After all, in compliance with watermelon diet for weight loss there is no need to count calories, which are eaten all day, and starve yourself in the evenings.

Watermelon diet menu

Menu watermelon diet, reviews of which surpass all expectations, is fairly easy. The basic requirement for compliance with it – eat as much watermelon and water. At 10 kg of body weight is necessary to eat 1 kg of watermelon pulp per day. In addition to watermelon has nothing is impossible, but you can drink green tea or water in unlimited quantities. What particularly attracted to the watermelon diet for weight loss, it is the lack of time constraints. There are even permitted to sleep. That is why the reviews watermelon diet only positive.

The principle of the diet

The essence of the diet as follows: Watermelon – a strong diuretic, using which the human body through the kidneys eliminate all the toxins that are harmful deposits and slags, and with them the excess fat accumulated in the past months and even years. No matter how good watermelon diet, but it has special contraindications. People suffering from such a disease, like diabetes, eating watermelon in large quantities strictly prohibited. Also, patients suffering from disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract, also need to refrain from compliance with this diet. Eating watermelon in large doses gives a strong burden on the kidneys, which in the case of operational simply can not survive. Therefore, choosing a diet should be guided not only the opinion of friends and acquaintances, but also to listen to your doctor.

Types of watermelon diet

There are two varieties of this wonderful and unusual diet. The first variant assumes the use of watermelon and water in the complex. This watermelon diet lasts for 3 days. During the day people should eat watermelon the following number: weight divided by 10. If a person’s weight – 50 kg, then one day he should eat 5 kg of watermelon. Ideally watermelon necessary to use every 3 hours, or 5-6 times per day.

The second type of diet involves eating not only watermelon, and 2 small pieces of rye bread. This diet should be followed for at least 8 days and no more than 10. To consolidate the results after the diet recommended for an additional 10 days to eat low-fat carbohydrate-protein diet (cereals, fish, chicken, herbs, eggs, vegetables, cheese).

End of diet

After the last 10 or 3 days watermelon diet, you need to complete it correctly, so as not to hurt his gastrointestinal tract and did not give him too much of the load after a prolonged refusal from the usual meal. To do this, the next day after the diet need to strictly adhere to the following diet: breakfast – porridge without sugar with a slice of cheese; Dinner – 200 grams of chicken or fish (boiled), salad without salt and filling; Dinner – 500-800 grams of watermelon.

Gradually it is to diversify your diet and eliminate optional menu watermelon. Here the main thing – do not overdo it and do not break after a long hunger strike. It so happens that people can not stand, and after the diet thrown to the winds, trying to catch up.

Remember the feeling of measures – the main criteria that must be respected in any diet. Even after a long and exhausting hunger strike dumped kgs to return just for 3-4 days. To avoid this, you need to stick to a healthy way of life and eat properly.

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