Zucchini diet

What are the only fruits and vegetables to lose weight or are chosen! Zucchini is also not spared this fate. Methods of weight loss with their participation is commonly known diets zucchini caviar or just zucchini diet, and, in fact, it is quite effective and safe.

Apart from the fact that this vegetable is perfectly proved itself in the field of nutrition for its fat-burning properties and low caloric content, it has a number of useful features. For example, it returns to the limit of normal fluid and electrolyte balance, working in support of the heart muscle and immune system. And it is perfectly cleanses the blood and activates the operation, eliminating depression and apathy.

Highlights zucchini diet for weight loss

At first glance, you might think that zucchini diet included in the group of those power schemes, which are based on the use of only one product in a short period of time. But in fact, this is not true. The main thing that is required to comply: to eat a pound of zucchini per day. But apart from this vegetable menu is permitted to include a number of products, so as not to deprive the body of nutrients, essential macro- and microelements, as well as easier to carry limited diet.

In the matter of cooking, of course, should give up frying in oil, but other methods of heat treatment are allowed. In addition, it is advisable not to clean the zucchini from the skin: it contains a lot of vitamins and other valuable items.

Among the permitted products almost all fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats and fish. Excluded are only bread, pastries, cereals, pasta and noodles. And also salted, smoked and spicy dishes, sausages, canned food.

They have to forget about the drink alcoholic beverages and coffee, about soda and packaged juices. The latter can squeeze yourself. Drink pure water, herbal teas, fruit drinks and fruit drinks. Do not touch sugar, limit the amount of salt to abandon vegetable oil, mayonnaise, sour cream. And in order to make it clear that it is really possible to eat varied, here are diet recipes zucchini for the system.

Sticking zucchini diet for weight loss is recommended by up to three weeks. Over a long period it is not desirable, but you can repeat the course after a couple of months. However, the most optimal method similar to the spring-summer period, when increasing the chances of fresh products, as well as easier to carry over such a change of diet. In addition, it is an excellent prevention of vitamin deficiency.

Zucchini diet recipes

As another common name of this procedure is weight loss “diet for zucchini caviar”, preparation of this dish, and it should be considered first. It can be like a light supper independent and complement to the fish or meat at lunch.

It takes a pound of carrots grate, a kilo of zucchini peel, seed and strip, cut into cubes, put in water with carrots and chopped onions. In a blender chilled meal turn into a homogeneous consistency, flavor khmeli suneli to taste, to send in the refrigerator for two to three hours.

But this is not the only option on the diet zucchini caviar. Equally easy and useful, and can be considered as another modification, where a glass of red beans, a kilo of zucchini, a couple of carrots and an onion steamed in a double boiler and passed through a blender. Connect with spices and bring to a readiness in a preheated oven for a quarter of an hour. Serve it warm.

A good zucchini diet recipe – vegetable soup. It is doubly fat burning due to the presence in a dish of celery. It is necessary to chop a couple of bell peppers and celery, cut into cubes of zucchini and carrots. Throw in the water, boil to the point where the vegetables are tender. Add salt to taste and garnish with greens.

And as the breakfast will fit zucchini fritters, which preparation scheme insanely easy. For them, it rubbed about a kilogram of peeled zucchini, coupled with two-three spoons rye flour, protein one egg and dill. Put them in a baking tins, send in a preheated oven.

The last option of zucchini diet recipe – a combination of tomatoes, peppers, onions, basil and zucchini, as well as any spices to taste. Vegetables cleaned and finely chopped, are placed in a glass mold for the microwave, complemented by a glass of cold water. Reach readiness for half an hour.

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